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Welcome to Wicker Coffin Co. We specialize in creating beautiful, eco-friendly wicker coffins that are perfect for those who want a more natural and sustainable option for their final resting place. If you have any questions or need help placing an order, please feel free to contact us using the information below. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.


    Wicker Coffin FAQ

    • No, our wicker coffins are crafted with natural rattan on the outside, however the base and sides of the inner coffin have a layer of wood to make sure there are no gaps that can been seen through. 

    • Although our coffins are made of natural materials, they are very strong.

      The rattan used for our coffins is very high quality, making it robust. We also use sturdy solid wood joints and dowels within our coffins’ frames, in order to allow it to hold up to 180kg.

    • Yes they can. It doesn’t matter which option you may go for, both burial and cremation are suitable for our wicker coffins.

    • Yes, our wicker coffins have been tested and certified by the FFMA, to make sure everything is in order.

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